Cell callback mode read

Maximum Memory = Maximum Cell Data Volume

This mode can satisfy xlsx large file reading

Function Prototype

nextCellCallback(callable $callback, string $sheetName = NULL): void

Callback function prototype

function(int $row, int $cell, string|double|int $data)

Single line end identifier

At the end of each line, callback call will be appended and pass XLSX_ROW_END to the end of the current line.


$config = ['path' => './tests'];
$excel = new \Vtiful\Kernel\Excel($config);
$filePath = $excel->fileName('tutorial.xlsx')
    ->header(['Item', 'Cost'])
        ['Item_1', 'Cost_1'],

$excel->openFile('tutorial.xlsx')->nextCellCallback(function ($row, $cell, $data) {
    echo 'cell:' . $cell . ', row:' . $row . ', value:' . $data . PHP_EOL;

Sample output

cell:0, row:0, value:Item
cell:1, row:0, value:Cost
cell:1, row:0, value:XLSX_ROW_END // end identifier
cell:0, row:1, value:Item_1
cell:1, row:1, value:Cost_1
cell:1, row:1, value:XLSX_ROW_END // end identifier

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